About Barb

I use Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Neural Manipulation - sometimes all three or in combination. This style of treatment releases the muscles which in turn releases the nerves or it works on the nerves and in turn releases the muscles.

It is not a massage with scents or oils and for most sessions clients are clothed in comfortable athletic attire.

I started this journey with an ache so horrible in my shoulder that I could not turn my head. I searched online for self help books and came up with a Trigger Point self help book by the late Clair Davies. It was amazing.

After a few days of working on one or two spots, I could turn my head again and the shoulder blade pain was gone. I was hooked. My training is the WILLIAM HUHN METHOD as well as using myself as a ‘test’ model (fitness fanatic, pilates and indoor cycling instructor, triathlete and most recently rowing). The second part of my journey involved the UPLEDGER INSTITUTE (now IAHE International Alliance of Healthcare Education) with cranial sacral therapy and Neural Manipulation. These two modalities compliment Trigger Point therapy but also allow me to work in a more gentle and guiding fashion.

Continuing on my journey of self-healing, I am also a graduate of the CSNN program for Holistic Nutrition. As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant (or RHN in some provinces) we work together to determine which foods and food combinations work best for your body your lifestyle and your goals.